Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thanks from Maxwell!

Thank you to the kind person who put me in my mom's truck this morning on Lac Le Jeune Park Drive. I lost my mind while chasing that coyote and then I couldn't figure out where I was. There are way too many trails. That's my opinion. But I don't usually lose my mind like that! It was nice and warm in the truck, and everybody seemed so happy to find me there.

Thanks again!
Sir Maxwell S. Brown

This came in from Carolyn Phillips via email seconds after I posted Maxwell's story. Thank you Corinne! You saved Maxwell's life.
This morning Corinne Schock was driving down Park Drive East (behind the park) and there was a truck parked on the side with no one in it. There was a dog at the truck and 3 coyotes were running the dog getting the dog to chase them up the hill and then one or all of them would turn on the dog chase it back to the truck and across the road. The coyotes continued this even when Corinne was there. The truck door was unlocked and when she opened the door the dog ran inside and Corinne quickly got into her car. I don’t know if this was an isolated case but there are a lot of coyote tracks in the area. These coyotes were not afraid of Corinne so people should be aware of that when walking dogs in that area.

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