Thursday, March 31, 2011

Looking forward to summer . . .

Recently, a friend who visited Lac Le Jeune in the summer of 2009 came across a poem in her journal that she was inspired to write while relaxing on our front porch. I think it captures the feel of summer at Lac Le Jeune.

Primary Things, Plus

yellow, red, blue, green
primary colors, plus
beside Lac Le Jeune
boats in bright colors
line up in a downward row

earlier we floated the boats
out on the water
I wore spiral earings
that caught in the web
of the life jacket
some in our party
were caught in the web
of the tall reeds
that line this end of the lake
one, learning to use
the long paddles
took on water as we
passed under the low bridge
that separates sections
permanent people named
big lac and little lac

now we relax on
the glass rimmed deck
of the good house
that watches over the little lac
blue, red, yellow, black shirts
primary colors, plus
all in a row
we read, paint, write
that good mix of
solitary pursuits, together


Wilma Gayle Waddell

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Supporting BC Ranchers

When I saw this sign featuring our local ranchers at the Save On Foods meat department I just had to snap a photo. On the right is Ralph and Chris Michell with their two daughters.

In 2011 Jocko Creek Ranch was listed as a Century Ranch in the Cowboy Hall of Fame by the BC Cowboy Heritage Society. Here is the history as published on the BCCHS website:
Jocko Creek Ranch is a family operated cattle ranch located 12 km south of Kamloops along the Lac le Jeune road. The ranch has been in the Michell family since 1903 and is currently being run by Noel and Katy Michell and their family. Noel's grandfather, John Ralph (J.R.) Michell, moved to the Kamloops area to manage a machinery store. He bought the home quarters of the ranch where the ranch house is presently. JR Michell married and had five children. The ranch initially sold hay to the nearby Iron Mask Mine to feed the horses and mules used in the mine. In the early years the ranch raised horses and had a small herd of cows. The ranch's brand is a lazy J connected lazy M on the right hip and it was bought by JR Michell in 1904. This brand is still used to identify the ranch's cattle. As the market for horse teams started to decline, the decision was made to expand and raise sheep in addition to the small herd of cattle. JR Michell became involved with city politics and was Alderman and Mayor of Kamloops. During this time, his son, Herbert Michell, took over the ranch along with his wife Gladys Reynolds. The flock was expanded to approximately 1000 Rambouillet and Columbia ewes. Herbert's son Noel took the ranch over at a young age after Herbert's health failed. In 1966 the bulk of the sheep were sold and more cattle purchased. The ranch's cattle herd initially was comprised of 200 Hereford or Shorthorn cross cows. Black Angus bulls were introduced in 1985 and now the herd is predominantly Angus. Noel married Katy McCallan in 1964 and they have managed the ranch side by side for 46 years. The ranch has evolved over the last 107 years by being flexible and changing as the agriculture market and lifestyle changes require.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Big Fish – Fish Lake - Heywood Claxton – June 1931

Big Fish – Fish Lake - Heywood Claxton – June 1931

Catches Fine Fish at Fish Lake

According to T.D. Costley, proprietor of Rainbow Lodge, Fish Lake, Heywood Claxton, son of Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Claxton of this city has the distinction of catching the largest fish ever landed from that lake on Sunday. It weighed nine and a half pounds and was caught on the fly and took 20 minutes to land. After showing it to Mr. Costley, the fish was sent down to Lisle Fraser, Vancouver, to be exhibited in their store window. It was a fine specimen of what can be caught in Kamloops lakes.

(Reprint – Kamloops Sentinel – 16 June 1931 – p. 01 – Tuesday)
(Newspaper read at Thompson Rivers University or Kamloops Museum & Archives)

submitted by Neil Burton

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Phantom Phillips

Phantom had a sad beginning, but a very happy and long life at Lac Le Jeune. Carolyn and Jim Phillip's daughter, Brenda, rescued Phantom from the streets of Istanbul, Turkey. She saw something very special in the little 1-year old, and was determined to provide her a decent life. After Brenda tended to the pup's many medical problems, Phantom found herself on an airplane flying first class to her new home in Canada! Phantom's first challenge was overcoming fear, and of course she also had to learn a second language. :-) But after a gentle introduction to her new surroundings Phantom became a strong and confident dog -- a devoted and protective companion who will be missed by all who knew and loved her. On March 15, after 11 years taking care of us all on Lookout Road, she went to the stars.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Petty Thefts at Fish Lake Houses

Those with cottages at Fish Lake are very much annoyed to learn that petty thievery has been the rule there recently, their places having been broken into. Culprits were after fishing tackle, good rods and collections of flies being the chief things missed. The provincial police have the cases in hand and are making an investigation. Those complaining are S.C. Burton, Dr. R.W. Irving, J.H. Whitehouse and W.H. Squire.

(Reprint - Kamloops Sentinel - 04 October 1927 - p. 01 - Tuesday)
(Newspapers read at Thompson Rivers University of Kamloops Museum & Archives)

Submitted by Neil Burton

Friday, March 11, 2011

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Summer Bungalow – Fish Lake - W.H. Squires – 1927

Likes Fish Lake So Builds House on Modern Lines

W.H. Squires, 539 Newport Avenue, Victoria, likes Fish Lake so much that he is having a summer bungalow, with all modern conveniences, erected there by Johnstone & Co., contractors, for whom James M. Wilson is doing the work. The house will cost in the neighborhood of $2000 and will have living-room 23x14 feet, two bedrooms and maid’s bedroom, with kitchen, bathroom, screened in sleeping porch, garage and smoke house. Kamloops Plumbing and Heating Co. has the plumbing contract and a pump will carry water from the lake. The house is near the hotel and has to be ready for occupancy by August 1.

(Reprint – Kamloops Sentinel - 15 July 1927 – p. 05 – Friday)
(Newspaper read at Thompson Rivers University or Kamloops Museum & Archives)

Submitted by Neil Burton

Monday, March 7, 2011

Sky Viewing Event

The Kamloops Astronomy Club will be offering a free Sky Viewing Event Thursday, March 10 at 8 pm-Observatory at the Stadium. This will be an exceptional opportunity for kids and adults to learn and see "what is out there".

via Dwayne Geiger, Overlander Ski Club

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lac Le Jeune poem

Reprint - Kamloops Sentinel - 08 July 1932 - p. 04 - Friday)
(Newspaper read at Thompson Rivers University or Kamloops Museum & Archives)

Submitted by Neil Burton