Sunday, February 13, 2022

FireSmart in Lac Le Jeune: Join Us!

The summer of 2021 was the third worst wildfire season in BC with many of those fires burning through or near residential areas. Communities in the Thompson Nicole region were among those most at risk of the devastating effects of wildfire. The threat for our community is real. This past summer the township of Logan Lake showed that action can be taken to reduce the risks. 

FireSmart practices, along with forest management, are key to reducing the threat of wildfire. Logan Lake is considered a model of how adopting a FireSmart plan should be done. The collective and individual efforts made by Logan Lake residents helped save the town.

We are taking action and invite you to join us! The newly formed Lac Le Jeune FireSmart Committee is looking for action-oriented individuals to assist in developing and implementing plans to help our community prepare for the future.

Current memberships includes:

  • Bruce Mitchell (Chair)
  • Clay Govett
  • Rod Faust
  • Colleen Kennedy
  • Bill Miller
  • Jim Phillips
  • Glen Sparrow           

To join us, please contact Bruce Mitchell (

Image: Wildfire by Laymik from