Monday, June 30, 2008

River City Racers Silent Bottle Drive

Help support the River City Racers Speed Skating Club by participating in our Silent Bottle Drive.

Once again we are collecting cans, bottles, and drink boxes for our club during July and August. A couple speed-skating households, the Wynne boys (and their Grandma) and Sylvia Currie are working together this year to break all fundraising records. We are busy distributing flyers and will collect for July and August.

All you need to do is put your recyclables in the bag attached to the flyer. When it is full, please contact Sylvia Currie 250-377-0063 for pick up. You may also drop off bags at any of these locations:
• Inside the gate at 3873 Water Street (house with orange roof)
• Inside the gate at 3860 Rainbow Drive (gate at the top by the tennis court)
• Inside the wood shed at 3873 Lookout Road.

If you are willing, we will supply you with another bag to start again!

Money raised is used to help purchase skates, mats, ice time, and other requirements of this non-profit club. Our skaters range in age from 4 to over 45! If you know of someone interested in joining us, please call Cathy Turnbull Spence at 250-374-5430.

Thank you for your support!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

LLJ Conservation Society Annual AGM

Mark July 20 on your calendars for the annual general meeting of the Lac Le Jeune Conservation Society. This year we'll be convening at the Lodge. More details to follow!

NOT the Vancouver Marathon

On Canada Day (July 1) we're walking to Duffy's Pub!

This idea started with a brochure I spotted while waiting in a line up at the bank back in February. The Vancouver Marathon was featuring a nordic walking category. It sounded like fun, and for sure my only hope of ever doing a marathon is to walk, not run.

So the planning began. I drafted up a training schedule and shared it with Lucy Lindros, the only friend who didn't stare blankly at the mention of driving all the way to Vancouver to walk 42 kilometres. We realized from the schedule that we needed to get started right away. Oh and that one day every weekend would be used up by a BIG l o n g walk. Plus we might have to give up some other fun stuff because you can only fit so many things into one day and well, we'd be walking a lot. Then the trip to Vancouver. Well, we'd need to spend a couple nights in a hotel, preferably close to downtown. And we'd better book right away!

A few things came up that first week of training. Instead of one day off we took 7. Hey, we're busy people. Nothing wrong with starting the following week, I say. We'll still make it! But geez sometimes the weather isn't very good in February. Maybe we should start in March?

I think the real turning point in our plan was when we talked about how aimless it seems to be walking all day just for the sake of going the distance. That's it! We need a destination! And something less traveling, no big training programme, no big expenses. Let's do something local, we thought. So let's see, what would be a good destination?

A pub, of course! Please join us!

Date: July 1, 2008
Departure time: 8:00 AM
Starting point: Lookout Road
Destination: Duffy's Pub
Questions?: Post them here or email
Check Route
Nordic walking poles optional
Support vehicles welcome :-)

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