Friday, July 9, 2021

Evacuation Plan for Lac Le Jeune

A final step, if you have time. Photo by Sylvia Currie.

Here is the most recent evacuation plan for Lac Le Jeune: 


It is an updated version of the 2013 document available on the TNRD website. There have been a few additional minor modifications but this is the document available at this time. 

In addition to this document, TNRD advises the following (received via telephone):

  • Make sure we have visible address signs. (The RCMP notify by our street address, so lack of address signage can slow down the notification process.)
  • Have a meet up plan for your family, especially if you have children that might be at home alone. It can be a meeting place or everyone check in with one family member. It can be really distressing for all involved if there is delays in families reuniting. 
  • Sign up for the Voyent Alert System. The TNRD send out urgent emergency information this way. 
  • Review the emergency preparedness information on the TNRD website. 
  • Review the evacuation alert/order procedures so you are prepared with the information in advance. 

As Lac Le Jeune community members are aware, there is only one obvious exit from Lac Le Jeune. We have been advised by TNRD that there are contingency plans for this depending on where a fire might be.

Thank you to Corinne Shock for connecting with RCMP and TNRD to gather this information for our community.

Friday, July 2, 2021

All Terrain Vehicles - Wildfire Risks

Given the current weather conditions now is a good time to remind residents and visitors to our community that driving any type of vehicle off road is very risky. Hot mufflers and exhaust residue can ignite grass. For everyone's safety, please wait until we have cooler temperatures and precipitation before heading out on dirt bikes and other vehicles, and operating a chainsaw. 

This advice and infographic is from BC Wildfire Service.