Thursday, January 30, 2020

Moose in mourning

Snapshot from Steve Roy's webcam
What started as a shared moose-spotting from Steve Roy's webcam in our Lac Le Jeune community group soon turned to a tragic story as residents chimed in with reports of a drowned calf.

A moose and calf have been frequent visitors to Provincial Park and east end of the lake for the last few months. Earlier this week the calf fell through a hole in the lake, apparently at a weak spot created by otters. Three men pulled the calf out but sadly it was too late. The distraught mother has been pacing the area since the incident.

Photo by Sandra Putnam
Sandra Putnam and her pug fell in the same hole on the weekend. Luckily Sandra caught herself waist deep and was able to get them both out to safety. She cautions that piles of dirt on the lake are likely caused by otters leaving a hole. These holes can then get covered with snow so it's difficult to know where they're located.

~Sylvia Currie~