Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Found Dog

Can you help? This dog was found today (October 29) at Lac Le Jeune Wilderness Resort. He is not wearing a collar. He is young and very affectionate. If you have information, or are able to welcome him into your home while we locate the owner, please contact:

Kayleigh Newstead
#17 Wilderness Resort

UPDATE - Nov 3:  Still no sign of the owners for this little fella, now nicknamed The Bug. He's now in a foster home while we give it more time. Thanks to everyone who has helped out by sharing information through personal networks, getting the word out through radio, websites, posters, and phone calls, and taking him into your home and yard for sleepovers and play dates. I've learned a lot about the process for dealing with found dogs, and made some great new friends!

The BugThe Bug


Skype Fraud

Incident Date: October 29, 2013 at 1015 AM at 1015 AM
Summary: Skype Incident / Possible Fraud Attempt
Location: Logan Lake

An old Skype account was "hacked" and used in what is believed to be an attempt fraud through misleading the recipient of the call.  The caller used an old unused account of the Grand daughter of the recipient. An unknown male could be viewed in the video screen and a female voice could be heard (but not seen). The female voice sounded distressed in that she was crying and whimpering.  The recipient was understandably upset by what they heard and could see and thus called the Grand daughter and was able to confirmed everything was okay and that it was not her using the account.  No money was asked for at the time and the call was ended.

Police want to remind the Community that these types of calls do occur and are another form of fraud and impersonation. If this should occur, please report to the police so that this type of offence can be tracked and also, block the caller and report the incident to Skype as a misuse of the account. If possible confirm with the owner of the account that they are not the originator of the message, so that they known their account has been compromised. DON'T SEND MONEY when requested...if this is a "true" incident, police need to be made aware and other measures can be taken.

Caution by any person should be taken when anyone asks for money over the phone, Internet or other means of communication where the true identity of the person cannot be confirmed. There are many forms of fraud and if you are not sure, make some inquiries before proceeding.

Cpl. Kathleen THAIN
NCO i/c Logan Lake RCMP Detachment

Monday, October 28, 2013

Citizens on Patrol Program

As a follow on from the excellent presentation by Ruth at the September 1, 2013 Lac Le Jeune Conservation Association meeting, here are the details about the Citizens on Patrol Program. We just need 1 - 3 volunteers who can each commit to 4 volunteer hours per month. According to my math, this seems very doable! Read on...

Citizens on Patrol Program encourages dedicated community volunteers to be of assistance by observing possible criminal activity in designated areas. By being an extra set of ‘eyes and ears’ the Patrol is able to assist in the deterrence of crime in this community. The Patrol is not designed to replace the local police but allows police to direct their focus on other areas of potential crime and criminal activity.

To become a Citizen on Patrol Volunteer you must:
  • Be 19 years of age or older;
  • Be a resident of Logan Lake or Lac Le Jeune;
  • Complete an application form;
  • Complete a Criminal Record and Enhanced Security Clearance Check;
  • Be Committed to Program for One Year;
  • Be a Team Player; and
  • Successfully complete the training for Citizens on Patrol
  • Volunteer 4 hours a month (does not have to be completed all in one shift)
COP includes the following activities:
  • Bike Patrols
  • Foot Patrols
  • Park Patrols
  • Vehicle Patrols
  • Lock Out Auto Crime
  • Residential Vacation Checks
  • Special Events
  • Stolen Auto Recovery
Logan Lake RCMP are looking for an addition 1-3 volunteers from the Lac Le Jeune Community to create this program partnership with the Logan Lake COP service that is already established. Cross training will take place and this will also allow COP members from both groups to travel and patrol both areas.

If you have any questions please contact Cst. Dan SCHENKEVELD or Cpl. Kat THAIN at 250-523-6222

Monday, October 21, 2013

Motorized vehicles on Stake Lake trails

Reminder to those who use the trails around here:

Today I stopped a hunter on an ATV….on the Stake Lake trails. He lives in LLJ and did not know the trails are closed to motorized vehicles. He had just passed the stop sign and notice about vehicle closures in the Stake Lake Trail system but did not think they applied to him at this time of year. Those rules apply to all of us throughout the year, not just in ski season. There are plenty of trails and old roads that can be used legally by the motorized crowd.

From a local hiker

Friday, October 18, 2013

Ski Swap

Overlander Ski Club Cross Country Ski Swap 
Stake Lake Ski Trails 
Saturday, October 19, 2013 
Sale: 10:30 am- 12:30 pm 
Drop off:  08:30-10:00 am

Click flyer for a larger view

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Stolen Mailboxes

The Unit 1 bank of mailboxes was stolen last week. No doubt most people who used that bank figured it out, were in touch with Canada Post, and were advised to pick up their mail at 217 Seymour Street. Well it's now been replaced, so hopefully there were no major losses and everything is back to normal.

The rest of us who are accustomed to counting over from left to right before putting the key in the mailbox were really thrown by the missing unit! Residents were wondering why their keys were no longer working. Some reported that the locks had been tampered with. Others requested help using a permanent marker. :-)


Amie Schellenberg and family are moving to Ridgemont Drive the end of October. (Welcome!) She sent along this request to post on the blog:
I am seeking full time daycare (weekdays) for my 9-month old daughter. Are you a stay-at-home resident interested in making some extra money by looking after a beautiful, happy little girl?
Please contact Amie if you are able to help: aschellenberg@tru.ca 250-319-1476 (call or text)

Rally to Stop Ajax

The following information and press release was forwarded by a member of this Concerned Citizens group.
Please join us to Rally to Stop Ajax Mine on Saturday October 26 at 12:00pm at 330 Seymour St. Kamloops. for 1 hour. 
Please bring your self, friends, children, voices or silence, signs, messages, questions and concerns. 
We need to physically show how many mothers, fathers, children, citizens, professionals, business owners, and investors are opposed to Ajax. 
We need physical numbers to accomplish this. 
Please bring a dust mask - to wear and use a felt pen & write "Stop Ajax" 
After a brief dialogue in front of the KGHM office we will walk the streets in the downtown core - silently wearing our masks (masks appreciated but optional). 
FYI: Disposable dust masks can be purchased at any hardware store, cdn tire and princess auto. 
Please tell all your friends opposed, undecided and concerned to join us!!


We, citizens of Kamloops who are opposed to the degradation of our air, water, land and the well being of our health, animals, and grasslands are rallying to:

Stop Ajax 
330 Seymour St, Kamloops 
Saturday October 26 at 12:00pm

We would like to invite all citizens to join us for the Rally who are opposed, concerned, undecided and even Ajax supporters (in hopes of changing minds). We will share with the City of Kamloops the harm that will be caused to having a copper mine not only in close proximity to a city but within city limits. To address the implications of extraction-based industries and the future of not only the Canadian landscape but also our own backyard, our water shed, our recreation area and for some in Kamloops their front yards and ranch lands. In addition, the loss of some of the best fishing lakes in the TNRD, which will be, sandwiched between an open pit and tailings piles.

It is so devastating to comprehend that the City Kamloops and the Ministries of the province of BC would even consider such a ludicrous proposal in any city, we just happen to be the first of this new extraction generation to be forced to raise awareness that it is not okay to have open pit heavy metal extraction close to any city.

Please help us to avoid being the BC city who adopts an extraction based mine in exchange for dust, heavy metals, dreadful landscape scars, loss of grasslands and our right to clean air, soil and water for minimal promises of jobs and dismal economical benefits to very few locals.

We do not want to be known as the “Community in Gloom” nor the “Community without Doctors”.

We need your help to spread the news – please send your reporters to cover this Rally to STOP AJAX at 330 Seymour St, Kamloops on Saturday October 26 at 12:00pm.

Concerned Citizens fighting a battle to protect the environment and health of Kamloops, BC.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The cougar returns

The cougar came back to the cache last night. These photos are from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Cougar in the neighbourhood!

These photos were taken on Lac Le Jeune Park Drive West over a span of time from Saturday night to Monday morning. Be careful while out walking and cycling in the evening or early morning!

Cougar arrives
Kills a deer, then leaves it near the road
Returns to the kill site
Sinks his teeth into the deer
Drags the deer up the hill
Comes back awhile later

This cougar made a cache by covering the deer with grass and debris.