Sunday, January 6, 2019

Reminder about snowmobiling around Lac Le Jeune

Snowmobile tracks in the park
Snowmobiles are not allowed in any Provincial Park. They are not allowed on public roads either. In our area they are not allowed on the Gus Johnston Trail or the Stake Lake Trails.

The fine for diving snowmobiles in these areas is a minimum of $575.00. Please ensure your friends, relatives or renters are aware of this law when they are here. Thanks you!

~ Jacquie Brugger ~
A disappointed snowshoe and cross country ski enthusiast with no trails to enjoy

Friday, January 4, 2019

Mobile Library schedule

The 2019 schedule for the Mobile Library is available on the Thompson Regional Library website. You can download the full brochure (PDF) or pick it up next time you visit the bus. We're BLUE Fridays on the calendar.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Let's talk about fireworks

Photo by Alexander Kagan on Unsplash
Aside from the mention of fireworks in the context of fire bans, we haven't shared very much on the Lac Le Jeune blog about this practice. There was one post to pass along advice from the SPCA for keeping pets safe. Then there were several reminders about the dangers of fireworks, but all related to wildfires. We haven't really addressed fireworks in the context of noise pollution and the impact on humans, pets, and wildlife. Given the firework activity during the holidays, including Christmas Eve, it seems like a good time to raise awareness.

Fireworks are a common form of celebration, obviously enjoyed by many. In Lac Le Jeune we have a long-time tradition of fireworks to bring in the new year. Some years we hear fireworks on halloween night and during Canada Day celebrations if weather/wildfire situation permits. In any case, the dates and times we could expect to hear fireworks have always been fairly predictable.

This winter there has been both scheduled and random firework activity. In some cases residents have made an effort to warn others through the LLJ Facebook group. Thank you! This is helpful for those of us who need to prepare our pets.

How do you help nervous pets?

It's multi-step and time-sensitive. You can download an entire book on the subject, but here's a quick list is from my own experience.

1. Get a thundershirt or other body wrap on well before the fireworks begin
2. Ensure all escape routes are closed off -- pets may bolt and NEVER return
3. Help pets gain access to locations where they can feel less traumatized -- e.g. basement, under a bed, corner of a bathroom -- there's something appealing about tile floors.
4. Play calming/drowning music. Vivaldi works for us.
5. Stay with them!
6. Help them recuperate (which is why it's helpful to know when the fireworks are going to end). I use treats and play.

What's it like for wildlife?

This is a well researched topic. The issues are too many to list -- permanent hearing loss, nesting animals flee,  panicked and disoriented animals get separated from their young, death from impact with buildings and traffic... and so on.


What is the appeal of fireworks? Noise for some, but there is also the spectacular light display. I don't know if we have these spectacular displays in Lac Le Jeune because I'm in the basement :) However, some cities like Banff have implemented silent light shows.

Complete bans on the sale and use of fireworks are being implemented around the world because of the negative impact on wildlife.

What's legal?

There are no no bylaws governing fireworks in the Thompson Nicola Regional District. There is a bylaw regarding "excessive and persistent" noise. I don't expect it would ever come to that but it's good to know there is some recourse. And if we do feel there should be a specific fireworks bylaw this is something we can work toward.

Other solutions?

Personally I prefer a more community-oriented approach which involves education to raise awareness about the downside of fireworks. I've contacted WildSafeBC to see if there are any resources and programs in place.

What's the ask? 

Nobody wants to be the fun police! My attitude is occasional noise in our community is fine as long as it's about having fun. Even though I don't personally understand the appeal of fireworks I appreciate that others enjoy them. A lot! So the ask is the same for any type of noise and for any day or occasion:

Consider celebrating with everyone in mind. 

In that vein, Christmas Eve is definitely not the time for fireworks. Let's not do that again, ok?

Sylvia Currie