Wednesday, October 29, 2014

TNRD Director Election

Ron McGivern is running for the position of Director, Area J, TNRD. He is very open to any questions or concerns you may have. Ron can be reached at or call 250-374-5637.

 TNRD Director Election Voting Opportunities: 

Wednesday, November 5th; 8:00am – 8:00pm Location: TNRD Office, 4th Floor 465 Victoria Street, Kamloops (Above the library)

Wednesday, November 12th; 8:00am – 8:00pm Location: TNRD Office, 4th Floor 465 Victoria Street, Kamloops, (Above the Library)

Saturday, November 15th ; 8:00am – 8:00pm

AREA J Locations:
  •  Burns Residence, 3737 Ridgemont Drive, Lac Le Jeune 
  •  Ohm Residence, 5849 Buckhorn Road, Cherry Creek 
  •  Savona Seniors Centre, 6625 Savona Access Road, Savona 
  •  Best Residence, 9652 Meadow Road, Tranquille Valley 
  •  District of Logan Lake Fire Hall, 1 Opal Drive, Logan Lake
Vote by Mail Application (PDF)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Minutes: LLJCA ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING - September 14, 2014

This document is available for viewing and download in our Files section. Here is a direct link.

SEPTEMBER 14, 2014

1. Approval of the AGM Minutes of September 1, 2013

Moved by Howie Mattfeld, seconded Hugh Burton.

2. President’s Report – David Wyse

David Wyse thanked Warren Trousdell for the use of his workshop facility to host the 2014 LLJCA Annual General Meeting. He then summarized key events and plans, and acknowledged individuals who have contributed (including birds!) to LLJCA programs:

  • The lake monitoring program is nearing the completion of its third year on the big lake and its second year on the little lake. Thank you to the monitors: Bob Brown, Hugh Burton, Clay Govett,  Dick Holmes, Gord Jarrett, John Krawchuk, Howie Mattfeld, Phil Park, Jeff Perry, Jim Phillips, Al Schock, Casey Sheridan, Colleen Sherwood and David Wyse.
  • British Columbia Institute of Technology Lake technology students, as part of an annual program which selects one interior lake each spring, will be examining and reporting on aspects of Lac Le Jeune that we don’t look at in our own lake monitoring program. This examination of the lake will occur in March, 2015 and we will be provided with an in-depth report on the health of our lake.
  • Ronaye Elliott, our Area J TNRD representative, provided funding to replace the oxygen sensor in our lake probe.
  • The Red Winged Blackbirds fortuitously appeared at Lac Le Jeune on February 22nd, 2014, the day that we held our Red Winged Blackbird Social. This event was a sold-out success.
  • A letter was written to the TNRD expressing concern about the horses that will be allowed in the new development.
  • John Krawchuk arranged for a danger tree assessment on the Gus Johnson trail. John will continue to meet with appropriate ministries re this concern.
  • Dr. Muriel Whittaker generously donated to our association to help us further our objectives.
  • Our lake monitoring program is the third step in a five-step process. The fourth step is the development of a lake management plan. The fifth step is the development of a watershed management plan.
  • Our contact at the Ministry of the Environment (Marge Sidney) referred David to Debra Epps who works out of Nanaimo. Debra sent David a number of lake management plans that have been developed for some of the lakes on Vancouver Island. Debra and Marge agreed that Lac Le Jeune would be an ideal lake to be the first in the province to develop a watershed management plan. This possibility was discussed at an executive level and it was agreed that we should pursue it. Bob Brown and David met with TNRD and MOE representatives in early April, 2014 and in that meeting identified around 25 groups, individuals, ministries, etc. that should be contacted to become involved in the development of a watershed plan. At that first meeting, they also identified a process that we should use to bring the interested parties together for an initial meeting. They agreed that we should have the initial meeting chaired by a person with no connection to any of the interested parties. Shortly after this meeting, David contacted the person in charge of the Fraser River basin who agreed to chair the initial LLJ watershed meeting. Unfortunately, right after this, David began to experience some health issues and made the decision to not let his name stand again as President. He does not want to begin a process that he was not going to be able to be part of finishing, and is leaving it to the new executive to decide how they want to proceed. David believes that a watershed plan is the right way to go but recognizes that it will take a lot of time to guide it through.
  • Thank you to those who are letting their names stand for the new executive.
3. Treasurer’s Report – Corinne Schock

Corinne Schock referred to the report that was circulated. There were a few more expenses this year than last. She noted that the budget year does not line up with the calendar year of the scheduling of the AGM.

Moved to adopt the Treasurer’s Report as circulated. Seconded by Jim Phillips.

4. RCMP report – Cpl. Kathleen Thain

Kathleen Thain provided an update on events and trends during the past year, and responded to questions. Main points:

  • Due to medical leave there are only 2 members in the Logan Lake RCMP Detachment. They have received great support from the Merritt detachment.
  • Kathleen asked that we continue to submit reports as that is the best way to deal with issues such as speeding.
  • RCMP response times to seem to be the same as last year. There are fewer callouts so far this year (63 last year, this year 1/3 of that)).
  • The speed limit change to 120 km on Highway 5 was done without consultation. Concerns should be directed to local MP.
  • Alcohol related crashes are down
  • Logan Lake RCMP now have ATVs and are identified by yellow jacket uniforms
  • Kathleen acknowledged Ken McPherson for his assistance in locating a lost hiker who would otherwise have been out all night. This is a great example of community assistance; Ken is very familiar with the area was able to assist using his own ATV.
  • There are concerns about garbage on the old highway, including beer cans. RCMP can ticket based on witness statements. Record plate number, location and time of day.
  • Noted the new signs by mailboxes indicating that Lac Le Jeune is a Citizens on Patrol community.
5. Citizens on Patrol – Carolyn Chandler

Carolyn Chandler and Colleen Krawchuck are currently volunteering for the Citizens on Patrol program. Carolyn described the duties and activities over the past year, and was enthusiastic about the positive impact of the program in our community. They began doing local patrols in January, 2014 – two times per month. It is a process of getting to know the neighbourhood, and to notice what is normal and what appears unusual. Additional volunteers are needed.

6. Lake Monitoring Program – Marg Sidney/Hugh Burton

Hugh expanded on David’s report regarding lake monitoring and the British Columbia Institute of Technology involvement. We do some of this data collection and research already, but the BCIT program is more intensive and they collect more information. The program is currently underway at Logan Lake.

We are currently at the 3rd level of lake monitoring; the 5th level is watershed management. There has never been a full watershed management plan done.

Hugh noted that we have changed sampling parameters, so it would be best to extend sampling so that we have at last 3 years of consistent data. The new LLJCA Executive Committee will need to decide if we want to proceed along this line. Funding is available.

Additional volunteers are needed for the Lake Monitoring Program. Hugh plans to contact the Thompson Rivers University biology department to see if there is interest in becoming involved.

Hugh thanked those who have contributed to the project over the years.

7. Discussion Topic (LLJCA mandate and non-stewardship issues)

This question regarding the need to amend the constitution to allow the LLJCA executive to act on behalf of the community regarding issues of common interest or concern was discussed. It was noted that there are liability costs associated with establishing a Community Association, and a new or expanded mandate would mean dealing with many more issues. At present LLJCA is tasked mainly with maintaining contact lists, acting as a contact point for community related updates and enquires, and disseminating information of interest to all residents. It was decided that the Conservation Association should continue to work in that capacity, and the question will be revisited if new concerns emerge.

8. Ajax Mine Citizen Advisory Committee

The Lac Le Jeune representative position is vacant. Corinne Schock will follow up with Brenda Phillips who might be willing serve on this committee.

9. TNRD Area J report – Ronaye Elliot

Ronaye reported on events in area J, namely the process Savona is undergoing to renew and maintain the public dock and park, waste management in Tranquille Valley, and discussions regarding dangerous dog bylaws in other areas. There was nothing reported about Lac Le Jeune specifically.

10. Elections

Several Area Representatives were willing to continue in their positions. Elections were held for the remaining positions. The 2014-2015 Executive Committee is as follows:

President  – Corinne Schock
Vice President  – Cynthia Swain
Treasurer  – Carolyn Chandler
Secretary – Sylvia Currie

Area Representatives

Lac Le Jeune Drive East – vacant (Jacquie Brugger will follow up)
Old Town Site – Jacquie Brugger/ Pat Burton (shared position)
Little Lake – Jenny Perry
Lookout Road – Jim Phillips (replacing Pam Sheridan)
Lower Subdivision – John Krawchuk
Upper Subdivision – Howie Mattfeld

Meeting adjourned at 12:50.