Friday, August 29, 2008

BIG catch award

Jim Phillips (aka Cap'n Jim and now aka Champ) is the winner of this year's BIG CATCH AWARD, men's category, at the Highland Valley Copper annual Trojan Pond fly fishing fund raising tournament. This is a picture of Bob Brown's trophy, won in 2003. So it's a reasonable facsimile of the actual trophy Jim will receive, and the trophy Jim receives will be a reasonable facsimile of the actual fish that he caught. Complicated but true :-)

Speaking of big fish, our poll shows that 12 people believe that a trout weighing over 7 lbs will be caught in Lac Le Jeune this summer. 5 say it won't happen. Have any fishers proven the naysayers wrong yet?

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sunday Bike Ride

It's supposed to warm up for our bike ride this Sunday. Here is the plan:

When: Sunday, August 3
Meeting Place: Lookout Road
Departure Time: 8:30 a.m.
Length: About 3 hours
Route: Through park to Stake Lake trails: Drifter - Rustler - Ambush - Bushwacker to McConnell Hill hut. Stop for a snack and return via Sidewinder.
Level of difficulty: Medium - only because of the amount of uphill and length. No single track or challenging terrain.

Here's the view on a nice day. Did I mention it will be a nice day?