Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Minutes of the Lac Le Jeune Conservation Association 2022 AGM



Lac Le Jeune Conservation Association

Annual General Meeting

September 18, 2022

Meeting called to order 10:19 am

Minutes adopted from 2021 AGM.  Moved by Howie and Seconded by Colleen.

Colleen Kennedy presented the update in regards to the lake monitoring. It was difficult to do the monthly secchi tests as the equipment had issues this year, however, the group was able to do the testing on a regular basis and submit the results to the BCLSS. Monitoring both the big lake and small lake is extremely important data and volunteers are always needed.  Lake monitoring is performs ten months of the year. The hope is there are enough volunteers that a person would only have to use the equipment once. Please contact Colleen Kennedy or Cindy Swain if you are interested in volunteering.  

Bruce Mitchell updated the attendees in regards to the progress of the Fire Smart committee.  This group has made excellent progress considering they have been actively for barely a year.  Some TNRD funding was secured. Their information and progress is available on the LLJ blog.  Much can be learned from the blog. Ultimately, their goals is to secure more funding, possibly for equipment to be situated in LLJ, and for LLJ to become a Fire Smart recognized community.  Individual residents are encouraged to take the steps to recognize what they can do on their own properties.  There are several members of the committee that can do individual property assessments as well.  Work will continue with a full plan required to secure larger funding opportunities which is approx 1-2 years down the road. Requirements for being considered a Fire Smart community include a plan and assessment. 

Dean Rednap was in attendance and has been working with the owner of the former ski hill regarding the logging and fire mitigation project that has been ongoing this year. The owner has agreed to have citizens of LLJ bring their tree waste to the ski hill site this year.  That information will be posted on the blog. The logging has been completed at the ski hill for this year and the ground clearing/chipping will continue. The Min of Forests had done some chainsaw training off Lookout Road. It hadn’t completed as of yet but was in the effort of cleaning up the fire break in that area.

Having several members of our community that have a background in logging and forestry is a great help in moving towards the Fire Smart goal. The Forest Service presentation we had last year at the AGM was quite informative. It is understood that the objectives of the Forest Serive is to protect structures, first and foremost. They have an intricate deployment strategy, utilizing their equipment and resources. There was an issue in 2021 that equipment, ex hoses and bladders, that were not available. That may be something that LLJ fund raise to have available on site here in the community. Discussion turned to the removal of large trees on properties. Presently Pine Valley Tree Service in  Kamloops charge $3,500 per day for a crew. Perhaps that is an option to remove larger trees in our community. Hydro will also cut down trees that are under their lines and can be contacted directly for that service.

Volunteers for the Fire Smart committee are required for Walloper and little LLJ. If anyone is interested in helping the committee, please contact Bruce Mitchell directly.  

Treasurer’s Report:

Lac Le Jeune Conservation Association 2021 Financial Report




Balance At 04/30/2021















TNRD-Conservation Projects















AGM Expenses



Bank Charges



BC Society Annual Report 






BC Lake Stewardship Society









Balance as at 04/30/2022






GIC Current Value



Financial Report moved by Jack and Seconded by Bruce. It was agreed that we would request the GIC mature this year and not automatically roll over. Cindy suggested we also change banks from TD to CIBC where Cindy works. In the past, it has been difficult in getting new signing officers recognized by TD and they charge for activity in the account such as writing cheques and making cash deposits. Cindy will speak with a colleague at CIBC and advise the executive committee on her findings regarding switching banks. 

BC Bats Society contacted LLJCA and asked that citizens of LLJ please report the bats on your property to them via their web site: www.bcbats.ca. There’s a great deal of information on their site and residence are encouraged to install bat houses on their property and encourage bats to roost.

Election for the executive committee was held and the following members were voted in:

Corinne Schock – President

Bruce Mitchell – Vice President

Cindy Swain – Secretary/Treasurer

Area reps were elected/confirmed:

Upper Subdivision: Howie

Lower Subdivision: Clay

Lookout: Sylvia

Townsite: Jackie/Pat

Big Lake:  Anna

Meeting adjourned 11:43

Minutes prepared by Cindy Swain