Sunday, May 19, 2019


HammerIt's unusual that in our peaceful community we have yet more reports of vandalism. This time the culprits are residents of Lac Le Jeune and have been identified.

There have been a number of incidents. It's not clear if the same 3 individuals are responsible for everything on this list, but these have all occurred within the past week:

1. Eggs thrown on multiple properties and streets
2. The Little Free Library box on Lookout Road was damaged and all books thrown on the road
3. The doors of the 2 pump houses for the Lookout and Ridgemont water systems were smashed
4. Plastic bags were strewn on and around Osprey Street

In addition, a power saw was stolen from a vehicle parked in the owner's yard. I'm not clear on the status of that or if it's related to this story.

RCMP were on the scene after the pump house incident on Friday, May 17. Parents are involved and ensuring that the damage is repaired. The individuals have apologized to one or two residents. Personally, I would like to see a public apology since we're obviously all affected by this. Let's hope these juveniles get the help and support they need.