Thursday, July 28, 2011

Logan Lake Day

Sunday, July 31 is Logan Lake Day! All activities take place at Maggs Park and Recreation Centre.

Questions about the Ajax Mine Project

This letter asks many of the questions we, as residents of Lac Le Jeune, should all be asking about the proposed Ajax Mine Project. Please take the time to read it and educate yourself about the project and how it will affect the Kamloops area, including our own community.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Western Canada Summer Games Triathlon

The 2011 Western Canada Summer Games are coming to Lac Le Jeune! The Triathlon will be hosted on the Lac Le Jeune Resort property.

There will be a temporary delays on Lac Le Jeune Park Drive East and Lac Le Juene Road for the Western Canada Summer Games.

Traffic delays will occur during these dates:
August 5 - no delays but please use caution as participants are practicing
August 6 – 10:40am – 11:20am and 12:10pm – 12 45pm
August 7 - no delays but please use caution as participants are practicing
August 8 - 9:50am – 11:20am and 11:50am – 1:10pm
August 9 – 10:20am – 10:40am and 11:20am – 11:40am

Traffic will be stopped to allow race participants to cycle in a racing peleton safely.

We ask that you plan your schedules as to not conflict with the closures. Please use caution when driving in the vicinity of this event and obey all traffic control devices and traffic control people.

The Western Canada Summers Games and the Ministry of Transportation appreciates your cooperation. For more information on the event please contact, the Western Canada Summer Games office at 250-372-1157.

The event is still in need of volunteers. If you are able to lend your time, please register as a volunteer with the Games office or sign up online and select Triathlon as your sport of choice.

This notice was submitted by Teresa Seibal, Sport Chair, Triathlon

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Concerns about the Ajax Mine Peoject

The proposed Ajax Mine Project will impact a very large area of land that Lac Le Jeune residents regularly drive through as they go back and forth into Kamloops. Here's a clip which was recently featured on the Kamloops TV station, CFJC TV7:

Although there has been surprisingly little information released through the media about the proposed mine project and its impact on the Kamloops and Lac Le Jeune areas, CFJC TV7 is currently asking as its Question of the Week: "Do you support or oppose the proposed Ajax mine? " To voice your opinion, please visit the CFJC website, look for the Poll in the right hand sidebar and vote.