Monday, March 19, 2018

Please pick up!

Have you heard about stools to fuels -- street lamps that run on doggie poo? Unfortunately, we don't have them here! And now that the snow is beginning to melt we're noticing the problem of not picking up after dogs is worse than ever. 

Please prevent this accumulation from ever happening by promptly dealing with dog waste. It's especially important to pick up after your dog near the lake. Your neighbours will also appreciate your efforts on or around their property. Bonus: If you're walking on Lac Le Jeune Road we even have free bags and drop off service.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Winter reading

The Thompson-Nicola Regional District Library System recently donated another box of excellent books, including several for young readers. This is a regular occurrence thanks to Coleen Krawchuck who has been coordinating these contributions to our Little Free Library.

Added bonus: you don't need to climb over a snowbank to get yourself a book. The snow shovel, located behind the library, has been put to good use this winter!