Thursday, October 29, 2020

Halloween 2020

Halloween night

This is a summary of activities and tips I've heard from residents. I'm also including tips to decrease the risk of getting or spreading COVID-19, along with other general safety information.

  • The Halloween Goblin Wagon will once again be touring the neighbourhoods!
  • Plan for approximately 30 trick-or-treaters.
  • Provide well-lit self-serve outdoor treat stations. 
  • This is an excellent safety list from BC Centre for Disease Control
  • There will be a fireworks display on Water Street at 7:30 and residents are encouraged to watch from a distance. If you're planning your own fireworks display, please keep to the 7:30 schedule that's already been established.
  • Keep your pets indoors and ensure all escape routes are closed off. When terrified by noise from fireworks, animals may bolt and NEVER find their way back home. 
  • If your pets are stressed, stay with them.
  • Nix the fake spider web decorations; birds and small animals can get wrapped up in it.
  • Pumpkins attract bears so bring them indoors at the end of the evening.


Monday, October 26, 2020

Job Posting: Onsite Maintenance at Wilderness Resort

The Wilderness Resort strata (30 units plus lodge with indoor pool, kitchen, dining and games area) is looking for a person to assist with onsite maintenance duties, preferably someone who lives at Lac Le Jeune. 

If you are interested please contact Chris Murray (250) 320-0476 or email A job description and salary details will be sent out to anyone who is interested.

Sunday, October 18, 2020

New Bridge Being Installed This Week

The following notice was delivered to some Lac Le Jeune residents. Perhaps the rest of the residents on the streets listed will receive a notice this weekend. In addition, there is a sign at the bridge.

Lac Le Jeune, Lookout, Marmot, Osprey East, Ridgemont, Heron and Pineridge Roads

Yellowhead Road & Bridge (Nicola) Ltd. on behalf of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure will be replacing the bridge on Lac Le Jeune Road commencing on October 19, 2020 with a completion date of October 22, 2020. Expect minor delays between 7am and 7pm for the duration of this project. 

October 20th starting at 9am there will be no vehicular traffic allowed across the bridge while the old structure is removed and the new one is being constructed. YRB expects to have the bridge open to traffic by 4pm on the same day.

If you have concerns please contact

Ted Smart

Superintendent Merritt North and Structures

(250) 315-5027

Friday, October 2, 2020

Please pick up after your dog

We have a lot of dogs living in Lac Le Jeune, and many enjoying the provincial park. That brings lots of joy, but also more poop! This is a reminder from Pat Burton.

In the last few weeks there has been an increasing amount of dog poop left along the sides of Rainbow Drive. Please pick up after your dog and don’t leave unsightly messes behind to spoil the beauty of our neighbourhood.