Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Getting ready for skating season

Photo by Dustin Gaffke
The Logan Lake Ice Arena will be opening soon! If you need to get your skates sharpened, Al Fitter offers that service right in Logan Lake. Drop off your skates at 313 Peridot Drive. Call first if you're making a special trip to make sure he Al will be there: 250-523-6399. The cost is $5 per pair.

Monday, September 14, 2015

BCIT wetland field trip - Logan Lake

Marge Sidney invites Lac Le Jeune residents to attend lectures and the Open House as part of the BCIT wetland field trip on the Golf Course at Logan Lake. Here is the itinerary for the week:

Sunday, Sept 13th
The 4th yr Ecological Restoration students are divided into small groups this morning learning how to use various types of equipment and then doing surveys on small mammals, vegetation, a damage assessment on the plants we planted in other years of wetland construction and water quality.  This afternoon we are going to be laying out the wetland that we are starting construction on tomorrow. This involves digging soil pits to find out the layers of soil and also where the water table is located, using a survey level and rod, flagging the perimeter and then flagging out the native vegetation we are going to be salvaging. The general public in invited to a lecture tonight in the Meadow Creek Club House (2nd floor) starting approx. 7 pm.  Topics include Soil Taxonomy and Texture (short topic) and then starting a lecture on the 10 Steps of How to Build a Groundwater Wetland.

Monday, Sept 14th
The day starts early (5 am) with groups of students starting bird surveys and doing small mammal trapping. At 8 am Shane Hardy will be arriving with his excavator and construction will begin on the wetland that was flagged yesterday.  This will be going on all day.  After supper the lecture will be the conclusion of the lecture started on Sunday night re "How to build a GW wetland". The general public is welcome to attend this lecture.

Tuesday, Sept 15th
The day starts early with more bird surveys and small mammal trapping and then continuing and finishing the wetland started yesterday. The students will be divided into 2 groups and the first group will be surveying, soil pits, etc on their "student wetland" which we hope will get started later this afternoon. After supper the general public is invited to a presentation by Lyn Baldwin, a professor/ecologist from the Natural Resource Program at TRU. She is a modern day Charles Darwin as her fieldnote book is awash with beautiful illustrations and prose.

Wednesday, Sept 16th
Another early day for the students with more bird survey and small mammal trapping. We hope to finish the first student wetland and have the second group of students survey and map the second student wetland. Start construction of this 2nd wetland.  In amongst this we hope the students can walk downstream to the lake and survey possible wetland site for future years.  They will be using the latest mapping techniques (geo-referencing onto satellite imagery so that they will be able to record onto an iPad directly.) This is required for the water licence that the District of Logan Lake is applying for so we will have more control over the water on the golf course and will eliminate the need for Section 8 & 9 permits. Give or take 2-3 hrs on either site on noon we will be having a presentation by Cheryl Phippen of BWP Consulting.  She works for the TNRD on mosquito control and is very knowledgeable on aquatic insects. We would like her to show and tell us about the insects contained in our wetlands.  After supper (approx 7 pm) in the Club House the general public is invited to a talk by Donna Lindblom of Rocky Ridge Vegetation Control. Conrad and Donna are the folks hired by the TNRD and others to do environmentally friendly invasive weed control with their herd of goats.

Thursday, Sept 17th
The last early day of bird surveys and small mammal trapping. The morning will be used to finish wetland construction as we need to add peat to the organic soil, wood chips to the upland areas, habitat features such as snags, large woody debris, rock, as well as seed, plant a few token plants and then add a protective layer of straw (prevents the soil from drying out too quickly and the rodents and birds from eating the seeds).(Most of the planting will happen next May as we are too late in the season for hoping to get good survival now.) In the afternoon,from 2 to 4 pm, the golf course will be shut down and the general public will be invited on site (liability issues) for an Open House to view what we have down. The students will be on hand to explain what they have learned, etc.  We hope to have school classes come for a field trip, residents of Logan Lake and the local area, the media and whoever else wants to learn about wetlands. There is no lecture this evening.

Friday, Sept 18th
Final exam for the students and a site visit to natural wetlands in the Logan Lake area. Students leave in the afternoon and head back to the coast.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Introduction by Michelle Wiebe, BC Parks

At the LLJ Conservation Association Annual General Meeting, a number of guests were invited to speak about special projects and issues. Michelle Wiebe, BC Parks Area Supervisor for the Thompson Southern Rivers, was unable to attend in person, but prepared this update for us. As Michelle mentions in the report, she will continue to provide us updates through the blog. Much appreciated!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Have you seen Bella?

UPDATE 8 September: Bella was found!

Bella is a Bichon Frise/Shih Tsu. On Sunday, September 6th gun shots scared Bella and she ran from her property at Paska Lake. Please call 604-671-3721 with any information.