Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Reminder: LLJ Provincial Park Winter Use

From the BC Parks website:
During the winter the area is used for cross-country skiing with no vehicle access.
Unfortunately, the well-established snowshoe and ski trails were destroyed by snowmobilers in the last few days. This afternoon we had to cut our trek in the park short because of snowmobilers who were zipping around at high speeds. The riders were young -- clues: no helmet, no hat, no coat, kinda reckless ;-) -- so may not be aware of the regulations. If you know who they are, please advise them.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

What's your guess?

This photo was taken near the lake this morning. What kind of animal would do this?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New service!

You may have noticed this new green box by the cattle guard on Lac Le Jeune Road between Lookout and Marmot. This collaborative project is the result of a recent conversation at the Lac Le Jeune Conservation Association executive meeting where we discussed the amount of salt and other debris being pushed into the lake by the snow plow, especially along the stretch between Lookout Road and the lake. 

Here's how you can help.

If you walk your dog along this stretch, be sure to pick up a bag from the small compartment on the side of the box. Then you'll have it ready just in case you need it. :-) You can lift the top lid to drop the waste in the bucket on your return trip. 

LLJCA area rep, John Krawchuk, made the box and has volunteered to empty the bucket on a regular basis. Thanks John! 

If you notice the bag supply is running low, donations are always welcomed! Any type of bag will do do. ;-)

Thanks for your participation!

Click for a larger view

Friday, February 1, 2013

Bird Feeders

A friendly reminder from Bev Lorimer to keep your bird feeders clean...

Photo by Bev Lorimer 

The feeders that have a removable platform should be cleaned with a weak bleach solution every 5-8days. Other feeders need to be wiped clean. Seed at the base of feeders needs to be cleaned up regularly. Try sweeping or scooping it with a shovel.

Those of you who have lived here awhile know that we experienced a dreadful loss of grosbeaks 2-3 years ago. The probable cause was “salmonelosis”. The birds carry salmonella and it is easily spread through their fesces. Cleaning feeders and cutting back on the amount of seed as the weather warms up are two things we can do to help prevent the spread. Check any wildbird feeding website if you want more information.

To date I have seen 1 affected female grosbeak. She is still flying but is all puffed up and quite lethargic. A neighbour has seen a male grosbeak with similar symptoms. When they are sicker you can walk right up to them. They will sit in the same spot for days before they finally die. They puff up so big. Very sad to watch.

Also remember to thoroughly wash your hands after dealing with the feeders---- humans get salmonella too!

Thank you for taking care.