Sunday, March 29, 2020

Community Spirit during COVID-19

A heart posted on the Lac Le Jeune bulletin board 

To all residents of Lac Le Jeune:

It is an anxious time for us all. Let’s join other communities in saying THANK YOU to those who are on the front lines including medical staff, grocery and food industry staff, gas attendants, truckers, and all those who continue to work with the public in various capacities!

Here are some suggestions:

  • Hang hearts in your windows.
  • Keep outside lights on for a few hours at night.
  • Step out your door and make some noise at 7:00 pm each night; call out, sing, use pots and spoons, whatever (Kids like doing it, make it their responsibility!) We truly are all in this together and some of us are dealing with other issues in our lives besides COVID-19. We can let them know we are thinking of them as well!

~Jacquie Brugger on behalf of the Lac Le Jeune Conservation Society~

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